Dear Sirs/Madams,

I hope this email finds you in excellent health.

I am writing this message of important subject as a one Japanese citizen. I would like you to know the true story.

Recent few years, Korean American’s anti-Japanese propaganda and lobbying become extremely active. Korean’s allegation is during WWII the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan abducted approximately 200,000 young women and forced them into sexual slavery known as “Comfort Women”. The House of representative of the United States passed a resolution on comfort women , as well as CA, NY and NJ State Legislatures. Moreover, Korean American groups have put up monuments of comfort women in the public properties in NJ and NY, and planning to build more all over US.

Japanese are upset about this situation. We do not try to rewrite the history. Also we are not revisionists or right wings. As the fabricated history is spreading, we cannot miss damaged our ancestors’ honor, and we want you to know the fact what the real history is.

There existed at that time women called “Comfort Women”. There existed in the world women who had misfortune to be in prostitution because of poverty or of any other reasons. But the fact that Japan as a state power forced women into prostitution did not exist. Not to speak of abduction of about 200 thousand young women loaded in trucks heading for fields of battle. It’s absolutely fictitious since there is no evidence wherever people go to look for. If such abduction had happened in Korea at that time, there would have been riots since 80 % of police officers were Koreans. The Comfort Women issue began with a lie which has been strengthened by those who take profit from this lie, helped by awkward explanations of Japanese government.

First of all, the United States and any other countries are not entitled to disgrace Japanese people in relation to war and sex. Mr. Eiichi Isomura, ex-professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University and the President of Toyo University, who was the head of Shibuya Ward in Tokyo at the time of GHQ occupation, received order from officer of GHQ to collect women for prostitution for them and to build a kind of installation named “Recreation Center”. It’s said that there were some women who sold their lives in change of just one bar of chocolate at the time of extreme shortage of food. Now that the issue on Comfort Women is getting a worldwide matter, he confesses that he cannot stop getting ashamed of himself and to blame himself for having thrown his country women into prostitution for American soldiers. (The Sankei Newspaper Sept. 17, 1994)

Also Mr. Syumon Miura, the President of Japan Art Academy, known as a moderate non-radical person wrote in the following words. ”If the issue on Comfort Women is treated as an issue of army and sex, it should be included that the American Army of occupation using Japanese police blocked streets to operate medical examination of VD to all the women there including non-prostitute and that there were many rapes. Most of rapes and such kinds of crimes were buried in the darkness.” (The Sankei Newspaper Aug. 2, 1996)

Japanese comfort women called “Panpan” or “Only” in showy wear and make-up used to walk hanging round American soldiers. The number of these Japanese women is estimated about 200 thousands.

A magazine for the lowbrows at the time of occupation named “Liberal” reported a note. A young woman who was taken to a special comfort station lost her virgin in the first day ,had sex with American soldiers 15 times per day at least, too frightened to move, and became someone different.
“I heard from every room yells and laughs of American soldiers and sobbing of women.”
“There were those who got sick in 2 or 3 months and lost their senses.”
“This was an epitome of the scenes seen all over Japan.”
(Excerpt from the November 1954 edition of the magazine)

I would like to say to the American society, Christian organizations and etc. which accuse Japan, that they should know what their fathers and brothers did in Japan and be ashamed of themselves.

Japanese government should demand apology and compensation to American government. If American government cannot do it or does not have intension to do it, then Japan should neither make an apology nor compensate for the issue on Comfort Women. Reciprocity, equality and fairness should be the basic rules in the international relationship.

To penetrate its righteousness for US-Japan war, US seems to wish that Japan had been atrocious, inhuman country. Or US could not justify itself which committed historical crime such as the drop of atomic bomb and the bombing of Tokyo.

Several resolutions that passed in the federal, states’, counties’ and cities’ congresses and/or senates are annoying and irritating the conservatives of Japan who are used to be pro-American cooperating on the US anti-communism policy after the World War II. There is a risk that Japanese people who are falsely charged, hurt, smoldering, the frustration being internally accumulated, will be finally pushed towards anti-America.

The worst thing is to exaggeratedly describe the “Comfort Women” issue in order to adjudicate Japan on the same basis as that for Germany that was governed by Nazi and committed the Holocaust.

There is an important German document titled “Prostitution, Homosexuality and self-destruction – Problems in German sanitary guideline, 1939-1945” Franz Seidler. It reports on the scientific base the realities of perfect state prostitution of Germany, the sanitary control, the management of prostitution house and the abduction and the confinement of non –prostitute women.

Racial matter was one of the difficult things to deal with in relation to prostitution under the Nazi governed Germany. If a German officer or a cadre man of Nazi has sex with a Jewish woman, he will be executed. The west and the east European areas are different each other in every aspect. The state-regulated prostitution was used in Netherland and Norway, on the other hand there was no such system in the east European and the Russian area. So the German commanders at the front made up girls almost forcibly for prostitution.

Nevertheless why was issue on Comfort Women in Germany not born? Because other crimes were so important and atrocious that the issue on Comfort Women was faded away. Compared to the crimes committed by Nazism such as the Holocaust, homicide factory, experiment on a human body, male and female sterilization and mercy killing policy, tragedy of victims by “Army and Prostitution” which exists everywhere in the world from ancient times can’t be located on the same line.

It’s quite ridiculous to exaggerate the issue on Comfort Women for a purpose of putting Japan on the same line of Germany which committed the Holocaust which has nothing to do with Japan, by identifying the Japanese war and the German war which are different in every aspect. Republic of Korea participated in the Vietnam War and left 7,000 to 20 thousands of fatherless children.

I would like to mention an incident. One Japanese unit on the front line in China cornered by American Army handed over Korean comfort women to American Army for a purpose of their safe return to Korea. On the other hand the Japanese comfort women chose death for honor with the soldiers. Japanese soldiers were fighting with the spirit of samurai (Bushidou).

I am grateful to you for taking valuable time to read this mail.

We know that  people of your country cherish and esteem fairness, justice, and truth. We hope that you will make a truthful, fair, and objective judgment on the Comfort Women Issue.

Sincerely yours,

例) Hanako Yamada
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


















ナチ管理下の売春では人種問題が困難で、ドイツ人士官や 党幹部がユダヤ人女性と性交すれば死刑でした。あらゆる点で西欧と東欧では対応が違っていました。オランダやノルウェーなどでは公娼制度が施設として利用されました。しかし東欧やソ連地区では公娼制度が存在しませんでした。よってドイツの前線司令官はなかば強制処置をもって売春婦になる少女たちをかき集めました。







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