CCPR Chairperson Sir Nigel RODLEY 16 July, 2014

RODLEY 議長 慰安婦問題についての発言(自由権規約委員会 2014年7月16日ジュネーブ )

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
111th session (7 – 25 July 2014)
Chairperson Sir Nigel RODLEY
16 July 2014

The other key issue that does not raise the much resources questions at least I hope not but the issue of repetitive cross purposes to put in no better than that is off course the issue of the so- called comfort women.
And the delegation will be, will understand if some of us are not clever enough to understand the distinction between an assertion that women were not forcefully taken away but there is certain recognition that the process happened against the will of women. That is what I will understood from what was just said to us.
This is pretty impenetrable stuff. If there is any doubt that there was sex slavery by which I mean, if there is any doubt that the women were coerced into the activities who which the Kono apology was made in 1992. Then it becomes incomprehensive why the government has not release the necessary documentation and all has not set up an independent and it would have to be international inquiry to clarify the matters. How the world is expected to simply take the word of the official version is not clear.
And again it has been just such a repetitive, such a repetitive process.

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