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5月23日、イリノイ州下院議会が慰安婦決議HR0365: WWII HISTORY – COMFORT WOMEN(第二次世界大戦歴史-慰安婦)を採択しました。




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The Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago

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■ A message from Japan

■ A message from 自分の名前

■ Comfort Women Issue


■ False accusations regarding the comfort women issue

■ Korean American’s anti-Japanese propaganda “comfort women”





Dear the senators and representatives of Illinois state legislature;

I hope this email finds you well.

We have learned the Illinois House of Representatives adopted HR0365 “WWII HISTORY – COMFORT WOMEN” on May 23rd, 2013.

Despite your intention for prevention of the human trafficking, we regret to express our deep disappointment that you acted on the story which was not based on the data through any official research by your government but written based on fabrication.

We understand that human trafficking issue existed during the war time as a social problem. Not only in Japan but also in places in Asia where women worked as comfort women for army because their family owed due to the poverty. During the Korean War or the Vietnamese War, many of such women existed as well.

Based on those false allegation to Japanese government in the resolution, we understand that the monuments built in Nassau County, New York and in Bergen County, New Jersey engraved the phrase “more than 200,000 women and girls who were abducted for the use of sexual slavery by the armed forces of the government of Japan 1930’s – 1945 known as ‘Comfort Women’ ”. This is NOT true. According to the research and data that Japanese government did, any evidences of the Japanese military’s involvement of abduction of those comfort women were not found.

If “approximately 200,000 women and girls were coerced into a system of forced military” and “approximately three-quarters of the ‘comfort women’ have died as a direct result of the brutality inflicted on them during their internment; some of those who survived were left infertile due to sexual violence or sexually transmitted diseases” are the fair facts, you as honorable Illinois State Senators and Representatives have an obligation to present reliable primary source which will fully convince the world.

Japan has been a Rechtsstaat and democratic country. We place high values on the importance of historical facts as well as U.S.-Japan relationship.

If the U.S.-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace, security, and stability in the Asia-Pacific region as Obama administration claims, these anti-Japan propaganda activities by our neighboring countries based on the fiction would do nothing but deteriorate the relationship among U.S. and Japan. Such movements not only risk the relationship among our younger generations but also alter the situation to the advantage of North Korea and China where democracy does not apply.

We will keep raising our voice that we won’t tolerate this kind of propaganda to insult Japan and dishonor our ancestors. To protest, Japanese citizens submitted two petitions to the White House, each with more than 30 thousand signatures, as follows:


Remove the monument and not to support any international harassment related to this issue against the people of Japan”

“Repeal the House of Representatives Resolution 121 to stop
aggravating int’l harassment by Korean propaganda & lies!”

As last, if your claim is fair and based on the fact, we demand the Illinois General Assembly to show the fact that this resolution is based on the specific historical facts and the allegation is not false.

We know that good American citizen cherish and endorse fairness, justice, and act based on the truth as well as being courageous. We surely hope that you as representatives for the people of Illinois will make a truthful, fair, and objective judgment on this issue.


例) Hanako Yamada
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

イリノイ州上院・下院議員の皆様—5月23日にイリノイ州下院が決議HR0365「WWⅡ歴史と慰安婦」を採択したことを知りました。人身売買防止目的に関わらす、捏造の情報を基に決議がされたことは非常に残念です。戦時中の人身売買が社会問題だったのは事実です。日本だけでなくアジア各地で貧困の為に慰安婦として働いた女性がいました。朝鮮戦争、ベトナム戦争でも同様です。宣言にある日本政府に対する誤った主張は、NYやNJに慰安婦記念碑でも「20万以上の婦女子が戦時中に強制連行されて慰安婦という性奴隷にされた」と刻まれています。これは事実ではありません。日本政府の調査で明らかになっています。「20万を性奴隷にした」「慰安婦の4分の3が残虐な仕打ちを受け、生存は不妊になった」が事実というのであるなら議員として世界が納得する一次資料を示してください。日本は法治国家であり民主国家です。日米関係も歴史事実も重要であると考えます。オバマ政権が主張するように、日米同盟がアジア太平洋における平和・安全・安定の礎石ならば、近隣諸国の反日プロパガンダ活動は日米関係を損ねるものとなります。このような動きは我々の若い世代へ不利益をもたらし、北朝鮮・中国を利することになります。私たちは日本の名誉・先人を侮辱するプロパガンダに対し反対の声を挙げます。ホワイトハウスへのこの2つの請願は3万署名以上集めています。(請願URL省略)イリノイ州下院決議が事実に基づき正しいと主張されるのであるなら.宣言の基となっている歴史事実と主張が誤りでないことを証明して下さい。 米国市民は勇敢であり真実を重んじると理解しています。イリノイ州の市民の為にも議会の皆様が公正に判断されることを望みます。


【 参考サイト 】

The Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago
4427 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60640
Administration: 773.275.0097
Social Services: 773.275.7212
Fax  773.275.0958

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上院 Illinois State Senators

下院 Illinois State Representatives

37 thoughts on “Illinois州下院慰安婦決議に抗議のメッセージを送ろう(2013)

  1. [Attn]to all Senators and Congressmen of the states
    [Attn]to all editors of the News,
    [Attn]to the all persons concerned
    [Attn]to Mike HONDA :Congressman of USA

    Hi, everybody, I’m a Japanese , 69 years old ,male, retired pension man.

    [MIKE HONDA congressman !, please focus into the Vietnam War]

    (1)I got the news from ASAHI newspaper, in which that the Mike Honda congressman
    had just started to promote the State Congresses to criticize Japanese Soldiers and
    Japanese Hasimoto mayor because they had utilized prostitutes in prostitution houses
    and in the streets, and he protected such situation in the World War. And he also said
    that USA Soldiers and Korean Soldiers also utilized such prostitutes. It was rather
    common sense in the world.
    ASAHI newspaper is a Chinese and Korean paper in publication in Japan.

    (2)As you know, ASAHI News is the one which fabricated the word [forced comfort
    women] with Japanese Soldiers instead of just [prostitutes] in Japan as well as in the
    ASAHI and a Korean Japanese female lawyer visited Korea and found a one Korean older
    woman who mentioned ” I was just a prostitute, and not a forced comfort woman”. But
    they succeeded to take her to NHK ,Japan and they translated intentionally her Korean
    words to “She is saying I was a forced comfort woman”. That was the initiation of the
    Case. Later that female lawyer has become to a Congressman in Japan.

    (3)And, Mayer Mr Hasimoto mentioned very noisy history with prostitutes or comfort
    woman as you know.
    He mentioned that forced comfort women Korean claiming had not existed but common
    prostitutes getting more very higher salary than 10 times compared with soldiers.
    Such sex businesses were very common and almost all nations and soldiers, even USA
    soldiers and Korean Soldiers had also utilized such facilities and systems, in the Vietnam
    War time.

    (4)According to present values it will be female discrimination. But he sincerely pointed
    out sexual culture in such past times. And female in the world, half of the world population
    have started to protest him” He’s not a fair man “, “We are a super big NPO group with
    half of population, we can deny half of opposite sex population from now on, even if you
    would want “.”I cannot overcome them , help me !”he is tearing.

    (5)Now we are in the noisy wave and endless confusion which Mayor Mr.
    Hashimoto made.

    (6)Mr. Mike Honda has reportedly started to protest Japanese Soldiers action in the stand
    point of female discrimination.
    Originally he protested Japanese soldiers to [forced comfort women], but this time he
    changed his fighting style to [common utilization of prostitute houses and prostitute
    system], because he does not use [forced comfort women] this time.
    And he agrees to what world female protest and he appeals to the congressmen of all
    united States from the stand point of female discrimination by Japanese Soldiers.

    (8)If you come to similar level of our understanding about Japanese soldiers, I would like
    to recommend you and Mr.Honda to investigate about truth of utilization of US soldiers
    and Korean soldiers, who did in detail in Vietnam for Vietnam War time, before you
    contact such states congresses.

    (9)Probably you will have to change your understanding about Korean, American, and also
    Japanese, of which Korean fabricated.
    Anyhow, you should not believe of what Korean say instantly, Before you believe them,
    please take a rest to consider everything around the situation. Please remember Korean
    always make false stories to look down upon Japanese to get big money and so on.

    They believe this saying: teaching of Confucius,
    “If you say false stories by 100 times, they will become truth ”

    (10)This is the fact.
    There are more than 30 thousand of “raidaihan” who are children between
    Vietnam women and Korean soldiers born during Vietnam War.
    And there are more than 500 thousand of “ameradian” who are children
    between American soldiers and Asian women including Vietnam.
    On the other hand there are not such children all over the Asian countries
    because they are almost all buddhist who can control sex impulse(drive) or
    make an effort to depress their sex impulse(drive).

    Yours Faithfully
    Jone 30th, 20013
    Toshihiko Okumura
    Tokyo, Japan

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  5. yumi kataoka says:

    Please see this video.
    ●Comfort Women: Do you hear their cry?
    Korea man selling American troops to Korea girl, sex slave.
    This is the truth of the comfort women forced labor.

    ●Comfort Women : Do you hear their cry?

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