“Opening Remarks” Yumiko Yamamoto

Ladies and gentlemen.

It is my great honor to make these opening remarks today.

I am Yumiko Yamamoto, president for Japanese Women for Justice and Peace, also called Nadeshiko Action in Japanese.
Nadeshiko is the name of a flower which has an elegant image for traditional Japanese women.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the gentlemen here.

Dr. Mera
He is one of today’s guest speakers from California.
Dr. Mera is president of the Global Alliance for the Historical Truth that has been fighting to restore the honor of Japan.

Mr. Hosoya
He has done tremendous work in researching and studies about the comfort women issue for the booklets and the panels that we have here today.

Mr. Marano, Mr. Fujiki, and Mr.Fujii
These three gentlemen have always been great support to our group, and I would not be here without their cooperation.

And most of all, I am very happy to have all the women present here.
Some of you traveled a long distance to be here.
Some of you helped prepare for this event.
Thank you very much for coming, and thank you for your collaboration.

I started “Japanese Women for Justice and Peace” with only a few of my friends in Japan 5 years ago.

Our goal was to end the fabricated human rights issue of the so called “comfort women issue” which dishonored our country.
We decided not to pass on this negative legacy to the next generation.

Since we started, more and more Japanese women, especially mothers both in Japan and outside of Japan — Canada, Australia, Europe, and the US — have become concerned about our country.

We are concerned because we have seen the biased media information, misunderstood Japanese history, and propaganda condemning Japan as well as all the political and diplomatic controversies over the “comfort women issue” being disguised as women’s rights.

Japan is the country where women have always been respected in its history.

We are very sad to see many anti Japan sentiments being demonstrated outside of Japan.
It is driving a wedge between neighboring countries.

I know that we all respect human rights and women’s rights.
I know that we all hope to have mutual understanding and peaceful relations with all peoples in all countries.

Now today we have gathered here in NY.
It is time for us, Japanese women, to get together and to speak out.

And let us share the presentations of the wonderful women.
I hope they will challenge, excite and inspire you.

Again I would like to say once more.
It’s a pleasure to see so many of you here today.

Thank you very much.


The UN Commission on the Status of Women( CSW60 ) Parallel Event
Women’s Rights under Armed Conflict – Japan’s Approach to Respect Women -
The Church Center for the United Nations, NY
12:30pm to 14:00pm, 24th of March, 2016
Sponsor:Japanese Women for Justice and Peace

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