“Closing Remarks” Ms. Shizuko Culpepper


Closing Remarks

March 24th.2016
Ms. Shizuko Culpepper


Thank you come over and sharing time with us today.

As you see today’s all speakers, we are ordinary Japanese women.  We are quietly living in your neighbor as wife, mother.  We are not professional activist or any public personality. Most speakers gave speech first time of their life today.

Few years ago, I heard so call “Comfort women” story.  It was well made script though, no supportive document of evidence, filled with ill intention, some story is even gruesome.  This modern world, people are more educated, able to access all kind of information anytime.  So, I thought true story will be unveiled soon, and those people who manipulated story will be embarrassed themselves.  I was wrong. Those brain wash fake propaganda has spread like wild fire.  And arsons tactics are well made, politically, with intense media impression coverage.  For this movement, Japanese government took no counter actions have been made.

Japanese dislike conflict, we dislike dispute, argue to raise voice, yell, for those allegations against us.  However, we feel strongly offended as Japanese. We are not overly mad emotional, we are hurt by those fabricated rumor stories.  Now we are passionate to fight back.  Here we are, we are not quiet anymore.  May be a bit late to start counter propaganda to save our reputation, but our side has truth, and line up whole document of evidence.  Nothing has scripted.  Therefore, truth will win at the end.

Our mission is to protect our ancestor’s dignity and integrity as our ancestors protected us for freedom and justice many generations. Our history, our reputation has been deteriorated enough.  Now is the time to make recover, and we make it.

We are not quiet anymore.  We fight back for Justice of our true history.  We fight back for our freedom of speech for our dignity and integrity.

Thank you.


The UN Commission on the Status of Women( CSW60 ) Parallel Event
Women’s Rights under Armed Conflict – Japan’s Approach to Respect Women -
The Church Center for the United Nations, NY
12:30pm to 14:00pm, 24th of March, 2016
Sponsor:Japanese Women for Justice and Peace

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