バージニア州フェアファックス郡 慰安婦記念碑 5月30日除幕式

「Prepare a proclamation for the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues in recognition of the installation of the Peace Memorial Garden at the County Government Center. This memorial will honor the victims of human trafficking during World War II. The proclamation will be presented at a ceremony on May 30 at 5 p.m. in the forum of the Government Center. 」

郡のBoard of Supervisors、Planning Commissioners、地元メディアのメアド、メール件名例、本文例を以下に纏めましたので参考にしてください。


What is the “comfort women issue?”
・米軍調査報告書The U.S. Miltary official document
オリジナル版 / テキスト版

To:フェアファックス郡 委員
703fairfax@fairfaxcounty.gov, OPA703fairfax@fairfaxcounty.gov,
chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov, mason@fairfaxcounty.gov,
braddock@fairfaxcounty.gov, mtvernon@fairfaxcounty.gov,
dranesville@fairfaxcounty.gov, provdist@fairfaxcounty.gov,
huntermill@fairfaxcounty.gov, springfield@fairfaxcounty.gov,
leedist@fairfaxcounty.gov, sully@fairfaxcounty.gov,
kennplan@gmail.com, earlflanagan@verizon.net,
frankdelafe@comcast.net, James.Migliaccio@fairfaxcounty.gov,
jrkhall@gmail.com, braddockplanning@gmail.com,
pmurphy@ausa.org, Tmsargeant@aol.com
jay_donahue@cox.net, JanyceNH@cox.net,

fairfaxcountyva@patch.com, scahill@fairfaxtimes.com,

・A message from Japan
・A message from 自分の名前
・I protest against “prostitutes at the war” memorial
・I protest against “Comfort Women” memorial
・Comfort Women (Prostitutes at the War) Issue
・No memorial of propaganda

<本文例>A,B,C 各自でアレンジして下さって結構です。

例文A —————————————–
The County of Fairfax
County Executive Edward L. Long Jr.,
Board of Supervisors,
Planning Commissioners,

I send my email as a Japanese who wishes seriously a friendly relation between USA and Japan.

I have learned that comfort women(prostitutes at the war) memorial has already installed at the County Government Center, and there will be an opening ceremony on May30 at 5p.m.

I feel sad, disappointed and even angry by the Installation of “Comfort Women” Memorial approved by Fairfax County Board.

Comfort Women system is not human trafficking. If you insist that Comfort Women system is human trafficking, please give us any verified evidence as well as any name of historian saying so.

Historical views on Comfort Women between Japan, Korea and China are quite different. This issue becomes a serious political matter among the countries. Then, how could the monument be Peace Memorial Garden” putting aside such a problematic situation?

Many people in Japan show their anger towards the comfort women monuments installed in NY, NJ and CA. Japanese in California started a suit for removal of the statue.

I wonder if citizens of Fairfax could truly need and wish such a problematic and uneasy monument in a restful public place.

We know that American people cherish and esteem fairness, justice, and truth. We wish that this controversial issue may not cause damage to a very important friendly relation among the countries.


市町村、県、 JAPAN

日米の友好を願う一日本人としてメールします。郡庁舎に慰安婦記念碑が設置され、5月30日午後5時に除幕式が行われると知りました。フェアファックス郡が慰安婦記念碑設置を承認したことに非常に落胆と怒りを覚えています。慰安婦制度は、人身売買ではありません。そうだというのなら確固たる証拠を出してください。歴史家の名前をあげて下さい。日韓中国で慰安婦の歴史見解は大きく違います。深刻な政治問題になっています。そのような問題があるのに、なぜ ”平和記念ガーデン”なのでしょう?日本ではNY,NJ,CAに立った慰安婦記念碑に対して怒りの声が挙がっています。カルフォルニアの日本人は撤去を求めて訴訟を始めました。フェアファックス郡の皆さんは、このような像を市民の憩いの場に本当に必要だと思っているでしょうか。米国は公正・真偽・正義を大切にする国民だと信じています。このようなことで私達の友好関係が損なわれないことを心より願います。

例文B —————————————–
The County of Fairfax
County Executive Edward L. Long Jr.,
Board of Supervisors,
Planning Commissioners,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have learned that comfort women (prostitutes at the war) memorial has already installed at the County Government Center, and there will be an opening ceremony on May30 at 5p.m.

I also read a new that the Korean Council in Washington and the Comfort Women Memorial Committee planned the memorial in an attempt to remember the hardships they endured during the World War II and to promote peace. They claim that this is a human rights issue. However, their claim is not logical on various grounds.

First, the government of Japan in fact established comfort stations (brothels) in battle zones during the WWII, and engaged private brokers to recruit comfort women to maintain psychological health of the soldiers. However, this practice was not something peculiar to Japan; other countries, including the United States, France, and Germany, also had their own system to meet the need of their soldiers. French military had Bordels Mobiles de Campagne (mobile brothels) during the WWI, WWII, and Indochina War, and the U.S. military utilized Korean brothels during the Korean War. Lacking such organized system, South Korean soldiers raped local women during the Vietnam War, and it is estimated that up to 30,000 Lai Dai Han (children born to South Korean soldiers and Vietnamese women) exist today in Vietnam, which is a clear example of human rights violation. Contrary to the Korean accusation of “Japanese sex slavery”, the U.S. army report in 1944 recorded that the comfort women servicing the Japanese army were extremely well-paid and well-treated. (http://bit.ly/1oh6f0l) The plaques on comfort women statues installed in the U.S. have statements that are not factual, thus Japanese are extremely offended and disgraced. If Japan should be called a human rights violator, then all other countries that operated comfort stations should be called the same.

Second, there is a global problem of sexual exploitation and prostitution today. According to the U.S. government, about 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are women and girls, mostly lured into the sex industry. In China near the border with North Korea, there are tens of thousands of North Korean female defectors who are forced into sexual slavery. A member of parliament in South Korea asserts that there are 100,000 Korean prostitutes overseas, including 50,000 in Japan and 2,500 in Australia. In the U.S., 23.5% of foreign prostitutes are Koreans. Besides, South Korean women engaged in illegal prostitution in their own country amounts to 270,000, representing 1.07% of the female population in the country. If one is serious about creating peace for women and girls, s/he should deal with such current issues. There are many human right issues, present and past, in the world, and it is not fair or logical to pick and condemn only Japan.

We know that American people cherish and esteem fairness, justice, and truth. We wish that this controversial “comfort women issue” may not cause damage to a very important friendly relation between USA and Japan.

Sincerely yours,
差出人名 (市、県、Japan)


例文C —————————————–

The County of Fairfax
County Executive Edward L. Long Jr.,
Board of Supervisors,
Planning Commissioners,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have learned that comfort women memorial has already installed at the County Government Center, and there will be an opening ceremony on May30 at 5p.m.

First of all, I must remind you that the word “comfort women” simply signifies “prostitutes at the war”. Japanese traditional periphrastic way of expression replaced the word “prostitutes at the war” with a gentle appellation “comfort women”, respecting the human rights of prostitutes.

I deeply have compassion for hard lots of comfort women (prostitutes at the war). But it’s a complete misunderstanding that comfort women (prostitutes at the war) were sex slaves and that the comfort women system (prostitutes at the war system) was human trafficking committed by Japanese army.

I strongly protest against the memorial l for the following reasons:

1. The comfort women (prostitutes at the war) issue is very controversial. Both sides have not come to agreement. So, it is not considered appropriate for the county to side with the Proposer.

2. It is clear that Chinese and Korean interests have been using this matter for anti-Japan propaganda on the pretext of “human rights”. This is entirely so unhealthy that conflicts, such as hate crime and children bullying may be caused. Actually, Japanese kids were reportedly bullied in the city of Glendale, California here the statue was installed last year. And Japanese in California started a suit for removal of the statue.

3. There are many human right issues, present and past, in the world. It is not fair to single out and blame only Japan.

4. Japan is a most peaceful nation in the world, and recognized and respected as such. Korea and China are only major Asian nations that show animosity against Japan. Recent Pew Research shows that 80% polled in major Asian countries show friendliness toward Japan.

5. Any local government should not be involved in international affairs. Instead, it should work on the promotion of happiness, prosperity, progress and harmony of the citizens. The memorial will definitely counteract such efforts.

We know that American people cherish and esteem fairness, justice, and truth. We wish that this controversial “comfort women issue” may not cause damage to a very important friendly relation between USA and Japan.

Sincerely yours,
差出人名 (市、県、Japan)


【フェアファックス郡】Fairfax County, Virginia
問い合わせMail: 703fairfax@@fairfaxcounty.gov

Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Pkwy., Ste 530
Fairfax, VA 22035

[County Executive]
Edward L. Long Jr.: OPA703fairfax@fairfaxcounty.gov

[Fairfax County Board of Supervisors]
Chairman 議長
Sharon Bulova: chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov

Vice Chairman 副議長
Penelope A. Gross: mason@fairfaxcounty.gov

Districts Supervisors
John Cook: braddock@fairfaxcounty.gov
Gerry Hyland:mtvernon@fairfaxcounty.gov
John W. Foust: dranesville@fairfaxcounty.gov
Linda Q. Smyth:provdist@fairfaxcounty.gov
Cathy Hudgins: huntermill@fairfaxcounty.gov
Pat Herrity: springfield@fairfaxcounty.gov
Jeff McKay: leedist@fairfaxcounty.gov
Michael R. Frey:sully@fairfaxcounty.gov
Fairfax County Planning Commissioners

[ Planning Commissioners]
Kenneth A. Lawrence: kennplan@gmail.com
Earl Flanagan: earlflanagan@verizon.net
Frank A. de la Fe: frankdelafe@comcast.net
James T. Migliaccio: James.Migliaccio@fairfaxcounty.gov
Janet R. Hall: jrkhall@gmail.com
Nell Hurley: braddockplanning@gmail.com
Peter F. Murphy: pmurphy@ausa.org
Tim Sargeant: Tmsargeant@aol.com
Jay Donahue: jay_donahue@cox.net
Janyce Hedetniemi: JanyceNH@cox.net


★Fairfax City Patch

Fairfax City Patch Editor
Contact: FairfaxCountyVA@Patch.com

★Fairfax Times

Editor Steve Cahill

County Government Reporter Kali Schumitz





アメリカ共和党 Republican National Committee

アメリカ国務省 U.S.Department of State

アメリカ国防総省 U.S. Department of Defense

Fairfax City Patch May 29, 2014 at 10:12 PM
Fairfax County to Unveil Controversial ‘Comfort Women’ Memorial

Yonhap News Agency May 27, 2014 9:35am
‘Comfort women’ monument to be set up near D.C.

Mainichi May. 25, 2014 (Sun.)
‘Comfort women’ memorial to be unveiled in Washington suburb

産経2014.5.24 09:06
米バージニア州に新たに「慰安婦」碑が完成 史実の歪曲拡散に拍車

The Women’s News (2014-05-04)
A memorial for comfort women to be set up in Washington D.C.

47 thoughts on “バージニア州フェアファックス郡 慰安婦記念碑 5月30日除幕式

  1. 外山昭平 says:


  2. Tonchan says:


    Dear County Executive Edward L. Long Jr.,
    Board of Supervisors,
    Planning Commissioners,,

    I am a Japanese business person who concerned about current USA participation into so called Comfort Women dispute between Japan and Korea. We Japanese are really disappointed at comfort women memorial has already installed at the County Government Center, and there will be an opening ceremony on May30 at 5p.m.

    My concern points about your action are as follows.

    1. Relationship between Japan and Korea.

    After Glendale city of CA established Comfort Women statue, Japan and Korea relationship is going bad to worse. We don’t think it is good situation for USA also. For USA, good relationship between Japan and Korea is completely your benefit to keep your strategic position in Asia. Only China and North Korea wish bad relationship between Japan and Korea to realize their real leadership in Asia. Frankly speaking, Japanese cannot understand why USA support such stupid monument to collapse the alliance partner’s relationship and only support one side. We thought USA has tradition of “fairness” among all ethnic as multicultural country.

    2. Fairness viewpoint

    Why you blame only Japanese? We think your action is unfair very much.
    We would like to ask you to blame Korean also because their army raped and killed 300,000 Vietnamese girls in Vietnam war. There are 30,000 half Korean and half Vietnam children in Vietnam. We call them “Lai Dai Han”. You can build Lai Dai Han monument next to Comfort women monument.
    And also, Japanese knows very well US army asked to prepare JAPANESE COMFORT WOMEN as General Douglas MacArthur’s official order to Japanese government in 1945. This is real sin of US Government. For your information, Korean Comfort women could not show any evidence about Japanese abduction. This is difference from GHQ order to Japanese government in 1945. What is 200,000 comfort women from Korea??? Japanese never accept such a stupid number. Do you know population of Korea at that time? It was 20 million. 200K means 1% of population. How to kidnap such a big number of person?

    3. International law viewpoint

    We consider this action is serious violation of “Japan-Korea Basic Relation treaty” in 1965. Japan and Korea agreed to finalize all the problem during World War 2 forever and perfectly under this treaty. We paid 800 million US$ including 200 million US $ as “without compensation” and 300 million US$ as an interest free loan. 800 million US$ is more than double of Korean National Budget at that time. (350 million US$) By using the support from Japan, Korea realized their miracle economic growth after WW2. (Korea used this support not for personal compensation but for their infrastructure.) Therefore, Comfort women issue was completely Korean Domestic issue and Korean government should compensate their crying old ladies by themselves.

    And also, we think USA action is also a violation of San-Francisco Treaty of Peace with Japan in 1951. We finalized WW2 at this timing perfectly.

    If you wants to attack Japanese during WW2 issue, it means Japan also can ask applogy and compensation of Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You killed more than 300,000 Japanese including women, girls, and chidren. I think Atomic Bomb was real and biggest holocaust in 20 century because this was living body test of new weapon. You also killed many Japanese in Tokyo about 100,000 by using Incendiary bombs.

    I belive allmost all Japanese likes and respect USA. We respect your fairness and freindship. Why you want to collapse our good relationship and alliance by supporting / discounting specific ethnic? Almost all Japanese are afraid that your action will cause serious bad effect to our future relationship between US and Japan.

    Please understand not only ultra-left Japanese but also ultra-right Japanese want to collapse US-Japan alliance.

    Sincerely yours.

  3. ko ko says:


  4. ko ko says:


  5. Tonchan says:


    Dear Sharon-san,

    Thank you for you kind reply even though my sudden e-mail. I really appreciate it.

    However, we still consider your action is just a harassment to minority. (I learned Japanese is just minority in your area.)

    If you are really concerned about human right, I recommend you to build following memorial next to Comfort Women memorial in this time from the fairness viewpoint.

    – Atomic bomb memorial as biggest holocaust in 20 centuries

    - Japanese Comfort Women memorial for US Army after WW2 from 1945 (You forced Japanese government to prepare comfort women for your army)

    - Korean military comfort women memorial (so called Yon Kon Ju) during Korea war and Vietnam war (USA Army also utilized Korean comfort women with Korean army)

    - Son My Massacre memorial during Vietnam war (USA Army killed Son My people during Vietnam war)

    - Abu Ghurayb Prison memorial for your cruelty in Iraq

    - etc

    Above issue is no need controversy because this is the “fact” of history.

    On the other hand, there are no any evidence for the Comfort women memorial in this time.

    As you might know, US Army already surveyed and reported “A Comfort girl is nothing more than a prostitute or professional camp follower” in 1944.

    They had plenty of money from the report.

    Please check attached website for your information.


    My mentor of University professor told me “Don’t judge history by using current common sense” when I was young. (He was English professor with fair mind) We are very concerned that you judge the history just for your current common sense.

    I remember one sentence for you. I am very sorry if I make mistake in English translation.

    “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her.”

    (Jesus Christ)

    Thank you for your reading my message by the end and we wish you will stop revealing such a stupid memorial on 30 May.

    Thanks and best regards,


    Thank you for contacting my office regarding the placement of the Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden at the Fairfax County Government Center.

    In early 2013, I was approached by the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues about siting a memorial garden in Fairfax County. After considering several options, the WCCW asked to place the memorial on the grounds of the Fairfax County Government Center. In the ensuing months, County staff worked with the WCCW and my office in making the arrangements for placing the memorial here. I understand that the issue is controversial, but I believe the memorial is tasteful, respectful and honors the memory of the victims of human trafficking during World War II.

    The crime of human trafficking is a major concern for Fairfax County and addressing it is one of our highest public safety and human rights priorities. I invite all members of the community to visit the Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden. It will serve as a reminder that we must remain vigilant and never allow such tragedies to occur.


    Sharon Bulova

    • M says:


  6. Ken says:




  7. 外山昭平 says:

    ken さん
    John Bodnar氏の記事に下記投稿しました。

    I read your article with a deep concern. In it, you are developing your argument based on the assumption that the allegations of “women were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers”, and “Japanese forces raped and murdered thousands of Chinese citizens” are historical FACTS. A report by US Army in 1944 clearly states “ A Comfort girl is nothing more than a prostitute or ‘Camp follower’ attached to Japanese Army.” (For detail, please access to http://www.exordio.com/1939-1945/codex/Documentos/report-49-USA-orig.html ) Such allegation is contradictory to US official report kept in NARA. As to “ the Rape of Nanking”, the book written by Iris Chang is criticized as seriously flawed and full of misinformation and harebrained explanations. The Japanese version is not printed because it is filled with nothing but tall tales.

    Please don’t be deceived! There are lot of “The Plots to Destroy America”(Article in Newsweek on May 15 ) Our world is ripe with conspiracies.

  8. 日本市民 says:


    Korean comfort woman issue
    ~ Testimony of the “former comfort women ” is lacking in credibility ~



  9. 日本市民 says:

    従軍慰安婦:石碑が完成し除幕式 米首都圏で初
    毎日新聞 2014年05月31日 10時07分


  10. トワノ says:



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