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米国出版しました WWII “korean Women Not Sex-Enslaved”: A Myth-Bust!

WWII “korean Women Not Sex-Enslaved”:A Myth-Bust!

by  Kiyoshi Hosoya 細谷清,  Yumiko Yamamoto 山本優美子


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A story of a con artist becomes an internation’s contended issue involving the US, and the issue dangers a diplomatic tie between Japan and South Korea and the security alliances among the US, South Korea, and Japan, involving China and North Korea.

Readers can understand the issue and why the story becomes internationally diplomatic, why the issue is so severe, why statues and monuments of comfort women are erected in the US, and how the presidents Obama and Trump and their administrations have
worked on the issue.

Target readers: President Trump and his administration, parliament members,
professors and teachers of educational institutions, judges and such intellectuals,
and businessmen who deal with Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese.
States who may have more interest on this issue: California (San Francisco and Los
Angeles), New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois (Chicago), New York, Maryland,
and basically DP states (Republicans may wonder why the issue is so popular in San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and the DP states).


Paperback: 142 pages
Publisher: Xlibris Us (July 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1984535307
ISBN-13: 978-1984535306
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.7 ounces