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第43会期 国連人権理事会 韓国政府に対する抗議声明



The foreign minister of ROK Kang Kyung Wha has brought the comfort women issue to this council for 3 consecutive years despite the bilateral agreement signed between Japan and ROK, stipulating “the comfort women issue has been resolved finally and irreversibly.”

Japan paid 9.3 million dollars from taxpayer’s money to support comfort women when the agreement was made in 2015. However, the spending of this money is unaccounted for.

The last month, one of the former comfort women named Lee Yong-soo said at a press conference, “I have been exploited by Yun Mi-hyang, who used to be a leader of a comfort women supporting organization funded by ROK government and its citizens.

According to her, Yun Mi-hyang collected a huge amount of donations for 30 years but the donations were hardly used for former comfort women but used to purchase several real estate properties for her own use.

She also said that comfort women were not sex-slaves. Recently, the ROK government ironically passed legislation to make it illegal to “revise history.” History is not something that is judged by the court.

We request this council to recommend that the ROK government

1. stop abusing elderly women for monetary benefit,

2. disclose the use of funds provided by the Japanese government,

3. stop Japan bashing based on falsified stories and lies, and

4. stop violating the bilateral agreement between Japan and ROK.