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フィラデルフィア慰安婦像計画 碑文修正案 – 2023.4.12市芸術委員会




◆ 2023年4月12日 フィラデルフィア市 芸術委員会 録画
A recording of the April 12, 2023 Art Commission meeting

13分: Philadelphia Peace Plaza Committee(設置推進団体)慰安婦像計画 碑文の修正案について説明
30分: パプリック・コメント 市民からの意見
1時間1分: 各委員の意見
1時間33分頃 まで

◆ 碑文修正案 ※クリックすると別ウィンドウで拡大表示されます

The Philadelphia Peace Plaza is dedicated to countless girls and women from Asia, Oceania, and Europe who were victimized by the Japanese Imperial Army’s sexual slavery system from 1931 to 1945 during World War II. Starting in 1991, survivors broke the cycle of shame and silence to demand justice and urged the world to protect future generations of women from all forms of sexual violence.

The Statue of Peace, located at the heart of the plaza, is a bronze statue portraying a girl who was removed from her home and coerced into sexual slavery. On the base of the statue is a tiled mosaic which represents the girl’s shadow as an elderly woman; a reminder of time lapsed and the ongoing pursuit of justice for the survivors. The chair next to her invites visitors to sit with her in solidarity with the courage of the survivors and their allies’ calls for remembrance and justice.

As an open public space for contemplation and gathering, the plaza calls our attention to the often-silenced stories of survivors of sexual violence around the world and their resilient efforts to build a peaceful future. Standing in a city of refugees, immigrants, war survivors, and their descendants, the plaza welcomes all to start an open dialogue that will lead to true, lasting peace.

Visit the link below to learn more about the Philadelphia Peace Plaza and the artistic elements of the Statue of Peace. This information has been translated and is available in other languages. [insert link here]

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◆ 議事録 Minutes 6ページ
Presentations for Final Review
1. 22-21  Philadelphia Peace Plaza, a.k.a. Statue of Peace

・the Japanese Imperial Army 日本帝国陸軍の存在した年を明確にするために追記する。(委員によると1868-1945)
・第三パラグラフに “ongoing” を追記する⇒ survivors of ongoing sexual violence

◆ Philadelphia Peace Plaza Committee(設置推進団体)
プレゼンテーション スライド



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